Introduction To Evangelism
Evangelism Is Easy
The Kingdom Of God And The Kingdom Of Satan
Go Into All The World And Preach The Gospel
Jesusí Style Of Evangelism
Heaven And Hell Are Real Places
Examples Of Evangelism
Advantages Of Evangelism
Philip: One Of The Great Evangelists
How To Speak To Complete Strangers
The Sinnerís Prayer For Evangelism
What Should You Do With Your New Convert?
Practical Pointers For Personal Evangelism
Road Blocks To Evangelism
The Baptism In The Holy Spirit
Information 1: The Bible States That We Are All Spirits Living In Bodies
Information 2: God Loves Us, And Wants Us To Go To Heaven
Information 3: In Order To Go To Heaven We Must Be Born Again
Information 4: How To Be Born Again
Information 5: Why Jesus Christ Came To Planet Earth 2000 Years Ago
Information 6: What Exactly Is A Genuine Christian?
Information 7: Our Conscience Is God The Holy Spirit Convicting Each One Of Us Of Our Sins
Final Note From Dr Richard Kent