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Welcome to this section about Free Conferences and Lectures anywhere in the world! There is no catch!

Dr Richard and Mrs Val Kent have already given Free Conferences in 24 countries, and will come and give one in your church or organisation, wherever you live!

Richard and Val work from a UK registered charity, The Final Frontier Charitable Trust, UK Charity No 1106663.

As far as they can understand, Jesus never charged a penny for His teaching, and His disciples followed His example.



After Death Experiences
Evangelism Is Easy
Creation: The Genesis Account
Evolution Is Impossible
Biblical Archaeology: Noah's Ark, Sodom And Gomorrah, The Red Sea, Crossing, Mount Sinai, And The Ark Of The Covenant
The Crucifixion, The Medical And Prophetic Aspects
The Shroud Of Turin Proves The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ
The Bible Is Supernatural
What Does God Think About Abortion?
The Rapture Of Believers In Our Lifetime
Christians And Money - This Is Not An Appeal For Money!
We Serve A Miracle Working God
Guidelines for Pastors and Conference Organisers
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Noah‘s Ark - click to view larger image The Ark of the Covenant - click to view larger image
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Dr Richard Kent is a retired medical doctor aged 60, and Val is a nurse. Richard and his wife, Val, are both ordained ministers. They are evangelists and Bible teachers, providing entirely free conferences in churches and organisations in many countries, over many years.

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All of their material is freely available on their website, and it may be freely copied and distributed. Richard and Val will come to your church, anywhere in the world, entirely free of charge.

All travel and accommodation expenses are met by Richard and Val's charity, although some churches very kindly provide accommodation.

No "love offerings" are taken up, and no books, videos, CD's, or anything else, are sold at any conference.
All of the material used is given away, and the material is also available for free download on this web site.
Richard and Val have provided free conferences for churches and organisations in many countries over many years, always entirely free to the host church. To read comments from pastors and organisations in the UK, the USA, South Africa, Kenya, Pakistan, the Philippines, Belgium, Bulgaria, Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, Grenada, St Kitts, St Croix, St Vincent, and the US Virgin Isles., please visit RECOMMENDATIONS BY PASTORS

Richard and Val have frequently appeared on TV and spoken on radio both in the UK and abroad.

Richard is the co-author of two free e-books THE FINAL FRONTIER and BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER and also distributes 12 FREE POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS and Free DVD's which may be viewed and downloaded on this web site.

Richard also recently appeared in the free Cinema movies THE FINAL FRONTIER and THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON about Near Death and After Death Experiences. The individuals in the two movies describe meeting Jesus Christ, and visiting Heaven and Hell. Many medical doctors in the movies authenticate the scientific evidence for Near Death Experiences. The computer graphics of both Heaven and Hell are riveting.


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Richard and Val bring with them a laptop and projector, ready to give PowerPoint illustrated lectures on the subjects above. The 12 PowerPoint presentations have hundreds of images, are very visual and colourful, and completely life changing! They can also show both cinema quality movies if required. The lectures and the movies are all are very evangelistic and very popular.

These lectures are displayed on a large screen using PowerPoint. They are highly educational, and yet easy to understand. They include between 50 and 250 slides, depending on the length of the lecture. Some of the subjects covered, such as Creation, Evolution, and the Resurrection, are quite technical, but the detailed slides greatly help in understanding. Free copies of the PowerPoint lectures can be viewed and downloaded from this web site.

These lectures are available in various time frames. For full conferences, some of the larger topics last for a full 2 hours, with a 10 minute break. These include about 250 slides. However, shorter versions of these lectures, lasting 60 minutes or 30 minutes, are also available, for church services, universities, and organisations.

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