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Ron Wyatt the Amateur Archaeologist

Ron Wyatt on site - click to view larger image
Ron Wyatt excavating in Jerusalem

Ron Wyatt was an amateur Biblical archaeologist. He made five famous and amazing discoveries:

  1. Noah’s Ark
  2. Sodom and Gomorrah,
  3. The Crossing of the Red Sea Site
  4. The True Mount Sinai
  5. The Ark of the Covenant.
He also made other discoveries, including confirmation of Joseph’s Grain Pits at Sakkara, Egypt.

Ron Wyatt provided detailed video and photographic evidence of all his work. Videos, DVD’s and books are available on his web site.

Bearing in mind that Ron Wyatt was an amateur archaeologist, supporting himself through his work as an anaesthetist, the amount and quality of the material he produced is remarkable. This was obviously not the work of a professional fully funded team of archaeologists, but the work of a dedicated and gifted amateur.

Museum - click to view larger image
The Wyatt Archaeological Museum in Nashville

He also set up the Wyatt Archaeological Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, with a great deal of archaeological and photographic evidence. For details about the museum see

With his family, he took extended periods of leave from his profession as an anaesthetist to investigate and excavate Biblical archaeological sites in the Middle East.

Ron Wyatt himself paid for virtually all of his archaeological work, including his travel and accommodation, himself. This was self funded voluntary unpaid work. Such commitment over so many years is most uncommon.

Few people understand the danger that Ron Wyatt put himself and his family in, at tremendous personal cost both physically and financially.

Ron Wyatt with Prof Ali Hassan - click to view larger image

Ron Wyatt was unable to obtain a permit to enter Saudi Arabia, to investigate Mount Sinai. Ron entered Saudi Arabia illegally with his two sons. He was arrested and imprisoned, with his two sons, for three months. His photographs of Mount Sinai were confiscated. He and his two sons were treated as potential Western spies, and could easily have been executed.

Ron Wyatt with Col James Irwin - click to view larger image

Ron Wyatt’s work on the Noah’s Ark site in Eastern Turkey was in a potential war zone, particularly at the time when he did the work. Jonathan Gray, a professional Australian archaeologist, subsequently noted the danger of this area, bordering on Russia and Iran.

Ron Wyatt with Dan Bahat - click to view larger image

Ron Wyatt’s work excavating in tunnels in Jerusalem was very dangerous. In fact, Ron Wyatt caught pneumonia tunnelling in Jerusalem in January 1982. We have been to Jerusalem in January, and it can be bitterly cold. We are not at all surprised Ron caught pneumonia whilst tunnelling underground in such low temperatures.